Range Rules & Safety

We all love a fun time at the range, but a great day will get ruined if someone gets hurt. We are training with deadly weapons and need to treat them with proper respect. Members and guests are required to adhere to the range rules:

Immediately obey instructions from the Range Captain and Board members.

Cooperate with any member for any safety concerns.

No Broadheads.

No broadheads or practice broadheads are to be fired on the range. The only exceptions are the specially made disposable hard foam targets setup immediately prior to hunting season. Use special care.

Never draw or fire an arrow when someone is down range.

Pay attention. Be mindful of what is going on around you. Look before you draw.

Never retrieve an arrow until the group is ready.

Do not high draw your bow.

Never point a drawn bow at anyone.

This should go without saying- but we are saying it any way.

No hunting at the range.

Even if you have tags, and its in season, and you have the perfect shot, and you really REALLY want to.